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考鸭们都知道,2018年的雅思作文真题都来自于历史题库。本文就为大家梳理历年雅思写作真题范文——社会类话题:Some people believe the best way to produce a better society is to ensure there is only a small difference between the earnings of the richest and the poorest. To what extend do you agree or disagree?(2014年2月1日写作真题)


For centuries, human society has been blessed with the exploitation of fossil fuels like oil as it unprecedentedly advances industrial production.However, gradually, people become aware that the blessing could turn out to be a "curse" since the consequent pollution has been seriously endangering our existence. Personally, I am convinced that reduction of fossil fuel consumption must be promoted and enforced around the world.


The sophisticated technology like oil drilling and the oil or coal economy in many parts of the world seem to be so alluring that some people can hardly give up fossil fuels. They harbor the view that fossil fuels are still in abundance, and the related facilities and techniques for obtaining and processing the raw materials like crude oil are so developed that the cost of producing energy is at a historically low level. For these reasons, countries relying heavily on oil economy and well-known energy companies tend to be particularly resistant towards the idea of giving up the fuels. However, for me, these views could hardly be justified.


Firstly, the economic benefits are quite likely to be offset by the huge cost of improving the polluted environment. Burning coal, for instance, may be relatively economical compared with using alternative energy like solar power. Nevertheless, the governments’ efforts on reducing pollutants like PM 2. 5 could entail more spending.

首先,经济效益很可能被污染环境的巨大成本所抵消。例如,与使用太阳能等替代能源相比,燃烧煤炭可能相对经济。尽管如此,政府还是努力减少像PM 2这样的污染物。5可能需要更多的支出。

Furthermore, some countries may financially benefit from production of the oil or other fossil fuels, and many developing countries might argue that fossil-fuel-based industrialization weigh more than protection of the environment. However, the air pollution and the consequent climate change are the threats to be confronted by all human beings. In other words, in the face of deteriorating environment, the enormous wealth some countries accumulate and the economic progress others achieve may lose their charm. After all, to survive and flourish on a clean planet is our ultimate goal.


Finally, as long as all the countries enforce the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, the technology for better utilizing the fuels and exploration of renewable, alternative resources could be advanced, finally proving us a "clean new world".


In conclusion, despite obstacles, for the benefits of the whole world and to bring forth improved technology and cleaner energy sources, countries around must collaborate to reduce fossil fuel consumption.



首先,看清题目的类型,辩论形问题,针对一个话题,写是同意agree,还是不同意disagree。看到best, always, all这样的绝对词,这可能是个故意留给同学们的陷阱,(或看作是个提示),一般写反对方,不同意会更符合外国人的思维习惯。

解题:thinking,and then writing

Step 1:先认真审题,找出题目的关键词happier society, the ‘best’ way to,small differences between the richest and the poorest members。然后用它们想观点,可以通过回答以下3个问题回答:

1. 首先,什么是happier society?(当然这里不要思考得过多,小心偏题。)


2. 是不是只有一种方法to make happier society?如果不是,还有其他什么重要因素?

3. 但是,缩小贫富差距的确是一个可能比较好的方法,可能在某些问题方面。

Step 2:结构一般推荐大家5段:

第一段: Introduction (先直接给出倾向,写不同意,to some extent I disagree this opinion.)

第二段: the 1streason why I disagree

第三段: the 2ndreason why I disagree

第四段: the reason why I agree (-must have a balanced idea)

第五段: conclusion (总结一下,然后再次给出不同意的倾向。)

Step 3:Writing:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

先交代一下背景:‘社会顺速发展,人们开始关心要怎么创造一个更好的社会。一些人提出,最好的方法是缩小贫富差距。’with the development of economy in most countries, people start considering how to create the society they are living happier. Some indicate,to narrow the gap between the richest and the poorest. 然后直接给出不同意的倾向。Although it can be a good way to solve some social problems, I disagree with this view to some extent. I will present my reasons to support my argument.

Paragraph 2: the 1streason why I disagree

可能会有更好的方法 to make a happier society, 确保公民们都有人权,有平等的接受教育的机会,就业的机会,或者看病的等等. Preserve human rights, equality of chance, fair chance of education, employment and health services. 如果政府能确保这些人们的权利,人们会感到满足,从而变得更加开心。Government should raise the infrastructure of health system, make the education compulsory as well as feasible to access, more job opportunities.

Paragraph 3: the 2ndreason why I disagree

另外的方法,应注重对我们的下一代在道德方面的培养。让他们学会互相尊重,爱戴老人,为人正直等。build up a generation,be fortified by moral values like, loving, helping, respecting, avoid cheating, lying among community。

Paragraph 4: the reason why I agree (-must have a balanced idea)

但是,缩小贫富差距的确是一个解决问题的方法。创造美好社会的一个方式可以是减少犯罪率,而很多研究表明,很多犯罪问题可能是因为没有工作机会或者没有接受过良好教育造成的。在这种情况下,缩小贫富差距,的确是一个好方法。crime rates have rocketed, caused by the wealth gap,undermines equality of opportunity of education and employment, lack of job opportunities in their areas, turn to crime,reduce wealthy gap,to control crime and start building a perfect society.

Paragraph 5: conclusion